Enlivening the human spirit while reclaiming our health & environment

PaleoTerran was launched in 2010 with two goals in mind: (1) learning from the apparent superior health of our late Paleolithic ancestors and (2) limiting our environmental impact.

While these objectives remain central to the journal, over time PaleoTerran added additional topics including science, nature, and culture. Recently, it has begun monitoring the digital transformation healthcare & wellness.

While coverage has expanded, PaleoTerran’s mission remains the same: finding a path that allows the human spirit to flourish, while recapturing the health we appear to have lost and the environment we are losing. 

All while sharing a bit of joy along the way.

I welcome your participation.

John Oró, MD

Dr. John Oró

Dr. Oró received his neurosurgical training at the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center in Columbia, MO and served on its faculty for 21 years, 14 of those as Chief of Neurosurgery. He then moved his specialized Chiari Clinic to The Medical Center of Aurora in Aurora, Colorado where he practiced for a decade. Recently retired from surgery, his current areas of professional activities include: 

  1. Improving the quality of care for persons with the Chiari I malformation through the TMCA Chiari Program & Chiari Medicine.
  2. Helping advance the digital health revolution through organizations such as Prime Health, 10.10.10, Catalyst HTI, and as Editor-in-Chief of CyberMed News.
  3. Contributing, in a small way, to the evolving dialogue on reclaiming human & planetary health, the core subjects of this Journal.


John Michael Oró

A traveling writer and a teacher with a deep interest in humankind’s connection to the natural world. His blog posts focus on issues of both physical and environmental health, with themes ranging from exercise and the body, to the impact that our global society has on ecosystems worldwide. Underlying his writing is the belief that our health is tied to the health of the environments in which we live, and that anything that damages these environments will eventually come to damage us as well.