Welcome to PaleoTerran


Recently, a friend asked me about Paleo. It was the stimulus that after sitting on the sidelines for about a year, nudged me to contribute my voice. My initial introduction to Paleo was in 2003 and my participation has become more serious over time. This past January, I had hoped to launch a website to join the paleo conversation, but life has its way presenting other priorities. By fall, it was time to launch or be silent.

From a review of the many paleo websites, the paleo lifestyle appears well covered. There are also a number of books on the subject. Still, the paleo perspective is in its formative stages and there is much to learn and discuss. Thus, I introduce PaleoTerran: Original health for the modern world.

Paleo is the organizing principle of this site and several other sites, although other terms such as primal, hunter-gatherer, and caveman are used. The Paleolithic era spans the time from development of the first stone tools 2.6 million years ago, to the introduction of agriculture around 10,000 years ago. As a physician, it is readily apparent the health of our population is slowly deteriorating. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia and other modern diseases are rampant. Are we causing these disorders? Have we sufficiently tampered with our original diet and physical health and put our children’s and our own future at risk? These, and other questions, will be explored.

Paleoterran will focus on four pillars of health: sleep, diet, fitness, and rejuvenation. However, a focus solely on human health and well-being is not enough. Put simply, if the oceans die, we die. Thus, PaleoTerran will also explore the interrelation of human health and planetary health. As terrans, we are of the Earth and are bonded in a common destiny. 

I welcome your comments and critiques.

Dr. John