October 2010 finds

Primal Holiday Desserts - Mark’s Daily Apple, Oct 30


Oldest Modern Human Outside of Africa FoundNational Geographic Daily News, Oct 25

Did Homo sapiens reach Asia 60,000 years earlier than previously thought?

How Grok got Milk- Mark’s Daily Apple, Oct 26

Herding settlers versus hunter-gathers.     


Marathons Affect Heart, but Runners Bounce BackMedlinePlus, Oct 25

Unraveling the effects of marathoning on the heart.

Tough Mudder: Dirty, Adventurous Fun! - Modern Paleo, Oct 25

Are you tough enough! Richly illustrated all-day modern Paleolithic fitness fest.

From China, The Future of Fish - Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct 21

Fish farming won’t improve until we make better choices.

The Catail's Outta of the Bag - Mark’s Daily Apple, Oct 21

Controversy over grain consumption 30,000 years ago.

Fun with headlines: Did Paleolithic people eat grains? - Hunt.Gather.Love, Oct 20

Response to research finding human use of grains 30,000 years ago.

Is Samwise Gamgee Right About Potatoes? - Mark’s Daily Apple, Oct 19

Who was right about potatoes in The Lord of the Rings? Also see Part Deux.

Thank you for an amazing inaugural New York City Barefoot Run - Hunter-Gatherer, Oct 13

Great review of a milestone event in paleo fitness.

Barefooting - Paleo Playbook, Oct 12

Great post on persistence hunting and barefoot running, with video. (Interestingly the persistence hunter wears shoes, the modern paleoterran is barefoot.)

The Neandertals of Mount Doom - john hawks weblog, Oct 11

Did volcanoes or “death-rays” knock off Neandertal? Or neither?

43,000-year-old assemblages from Highland New Guinea - john hawks weblog, Oct 1

Pandanus nut roasting and other foods 43,000 years ago.