Monthly Finds 11.2010

Environmental Toxin May Play Important Role in Multiple Sclerosis: Hypertension Drug Possible Treatment - ScienceDaily, Nov. 23
Is MS a modern disease due to tobacco smoke and auto exhaust? Initial study in mice.

LA 2010: Toyota RAV4 EV, powered by Tesla, hits the stage - Autoblog Green, Nov. 17
Electric RAV4 100 miles per charge coming in 2012.

Nighttime lights linked to depression - MSNBC, Nov. 17
Nighttime lights inhibit melatonin, but do they also shrink the hippocampus?

The dramatic decline of the modern man - Salon, Nov. 14
Salon’s Thomas Rogers interviews author of Manthropology: The Science of Why the Modern Male Is Not the Man He Used to Be (via Mark Sisson’s post).

Doing S.P.E.E.D.: A Paleo-Friendly Weight Loss Manual - Primal Wisdom, Nov. 12
Don reviews new weight loss book based on a bio-psycho-social model.

Origins of first European farmers revealed - The Environment Institute (The University of Adelaide), Nov. 10
Did the first European farmers arise from local hunter-gatherers or where they invaders?

Mark Sisson’s longevity series - Mark’s Daily Apple

Why Did Grok Live So Long? - Nov 10

Just How Long Did Grok Live, Really? – Part 2 - Nov 3

Just How Long Did Grok Live, Really? - Oct 28

Born to Run the Marathon? - New York Times, Nov. 4
Reflections on marathons from author of Born to Run

Indoor Gardening in 5 Steps - NRDC SimpleSteps, Nov. 1
Begin with your sunniest window.