Monthly Finds 1.2011

Broccoli Fights Cancer by Clearing Bad Tumor Suppressors - Scientific American, Jan. 27
The p53 gene codes for proteins that keep cancer cells in check. If p53 mutates, it codes ineffective proteins. Broccoli destroys mutant p53 genes so effective proteins can get their work done suppressing tumors.

Global Food System Needs Massive Overhaul - onearth, Jan. 26
One of several recent articles on the rising threat of food insecurity. 

Eating Wheat Gluten Causes Symptoms in Some People Who Don't Have Celiac Disease - Whole Health Source, Jan. 20
Suffering from unexplained fatigue or digestive problems? Try avoiding gluten.

Study: Strength Training Lowers Blood Pressure Equal to Medication or Aerobics - Primal Wisdom, Jan. 19

Bioactive compounds in berries can reduce high blood pressure - EurekAlert, Jan. 14
Another reason to love blueberries.

Does Dietary Saturated Fat Increase Blood Cholesterol? An Informal Review of Observational Studies - Whole Health Source, Jan. 13

Eat Greener, Look Better - Environmental News Network, Jan. 13
Healthy glowing skin: another reason to eat your fruits and vegetables.

Lice DNA Study Shows Humans First Wore Clothes 170,000 Years Ago - ScienceDaily, Jan. 7

Alpha-carotene from veggies linked to longer life - Scientific American, Dec. 30
You wont find it in your multivitamins or supplements: alpha-carotene, just one more reason to eat your vegetables.

Neanderthal diets included some grains - Hunt.Gather.Love, Dec. 27

Positive Well-Being to Higher Telomerase: Psychological Changes from Meditation Training Linked to Cellular Health - ScienceDaily, Nov. 4
Rebuilding and lengthening your telomeres through meditation protects your DNA?!