SUNDAY PALEO / November 6, 2011



Introducing the New Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

"The most noticeable change is making meat/fish/fowl/eggs, rather than produce, the base. It’s actually not a huge thematic change, as I’ve always suggested that animal products comprise the bulk of calories, but now it’s clear. Before, I’d often have to clarify to people that yes, vegetables may often make up the bulk of your food by sheer volume, but no, they will probably not make up the bulk of your food by caloric content. The repositioning of the two sections makes that clearer and less confusing." - Mark's Daily Apple


Tracing the first North American hunters

“It is further proof that humans have been present in North America for longer than previously believed. The “Clovis First” theory, which many scientists swore to just a few years back, has finally been buried with the conclusions of this study,” - University of Copenhagen News


SimpleEnergy: Changing how utilities engage customers

"Simple Energy has developed a new way for people to save energy that is social, fun and simple. We’ve designed an online platform that helps users understand their energy use with actionable insights, that scores them against their Facebook friends and that rewards them with real prizes. We live a wired, dynamic life. It’s time to upgrade how we save energy." - SimpleEnergy

Opower: Plugging in soon

"We are the experts at delivering personalized energy information to help people be more energy efficient. Does it work? You bet. So far, we've helped people save $53M and have taken 50,000 homes "off the grid." The best part is that we're just getting started." - Opower


Metech Recycling: Responsible Electronics Recycling

"For over forty years, Metech has provided secure and environmentally responsible electronics recycling and asset recovery services. Today Metech Recycling is the industry leader in electronic waste recycling." - Metech


Paleo on the Budget is Possible

"Eating Paleo doesn’t mean you’ll have to break you bank to shop for the grocery. My hubs and I aren’t making high income and we manage eating Paleo while still staying within our budget. There are a lot of bloggers posting how they stay in their budget while eating Paleo and a lot of them have good suggestions, tips and tricks. Here I wanna share with you all how I am doing it." – Delightful Taste Buds

The Paleo Challenge

“The benefits and results are uncanny. It's hard to believe unless you actually do it and experience it yourself. I always tell people to give it at least 30 days and see for yourself,” said Sonsini. “It's how we are genetically made-up to live and thrive. We are not designed to eat Neolithic foods.” -


Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing

"This year, we will be spending the holiday with my family, and in preparation for the big turkey day, we were able to do a "test run" of a new turkey and stuffing recipe with a delicious turkey from US Wellness Meats. We enjoyed this turkey so much that we just ordered another one for the real Thanksgiving with my family in a few weeks." – Primal Palate

Lamb Osso Bucco and Delicata Squash

"I used one lamb osso bucco (tailbone with meat) and one lamb steak to add some more meat. After a couple of hours in the oven, the meat will literally fall off the bone, the marrow will meld into the sauce, and the vegetables will make an almost creamy sauce. Heaven." – Food for Primal Thought


How I Lost 13.5 Pounds In 30 Days On The Paleo Challenge

"But I want to tell you why I feel I was successful in such a short amount of time and why I think you’d be pleasantly surprised if you committed to your own 30-day Paleo Challenge. ...i’m not telling you its going to be easy, i’m telling you its going to be worth it.” - Healthy Discoveries