SUNDAY PALEO / September 18, 2011


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Where the Jobs Are: the Clean Energy Sector Continues to Grow and Employ Americans

"This sector grew nearly twice as fast as the overall economy between 2003 and 2010. In fact, more than 2.7 million people are working in the clean economy right now. That’s more than the entire fossil fuel industry employs, a new report by the Brookings Institution found." - Switchboard

Vegetable Gardens Are Booming in a Fallow Economy

"Vegetable gardening has been on the rise across the country, ....driven by rising food prices and a growing contingent of health-conscious consumers. Garden-store retailers have reported increased sales over the past two years, he said, and many community gardens have waiting lists." - The New York Times

Will Aquaponics and Other Urban Farms Yield a Green Job Harvest?

"The coalition is promoting sustainable, closed-loop farms that grow local, fresh food and, it says, create green jobs using clean, recycled water in place of soil. The farms can produce plants, fish, or a combination of both -- a method called aquaponics." -


Internet Giants Ignoring Energy Consumption, Carbon Management at Their Risk

"Due to their rapid growth and global prominence, internet and social networking firms such as Facebook and Google will be confronted by a barrage of energy and carbon emissions challenges," -


Why Laughter May Be the Best Pain Medicine

"In addition to giving us a "buzz," these endorphins raise our ability to ignore pain. So the researchers used the endorphins' pain relief to determine if laughter causes an endorphin release." - Scientific American

A Brisk Walk a Day Keeps Common Cold at Bay

"The cure for the common cold has been discovered: exercise. OK, that's an overstatement. However new research findings published in the online British Journal of Sports Medicine do show that active, fit people do suffer fewer colds, and they tend to be less severe." - Daily News Central

Apples, Pears Linked to Reduced Stroke Risk

"The color of the primary edible portion of fruits and vegetables reflects the presence or absence of particular pigmented bioactive compounds, such as carotenoids, anthocyanidins, and flavonoids, the authors write. Which fruits and vegetables in particular contribute most the reduction in stroke risk from overall high consumption is not known, and that was the primary aim of this study." - Medscape

Omega-3s Reduce Stroke Severity, Study Suggests

"The consumption of omega-3s creates an anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective environment in the brain that mitigates damage following a stroke," summarized Jasna Kriz, of Université Laval's Faculty of Medicine. "It prevents an acute inflammatory response that, if not controlled, is harmful to brain tissue." - ScienceDaily

Intriguing Links Between Depression and Cholesterol

"So the truth of the matter is that people suffering from depression have lower overall cholesterol than average. I know, crazy, right?  Here's where I really blow your mind - people with major depressive disorder, despite the lower cholesterol, have higher rates of death from heart disease, whether or not you had heart disease before or after the diagnosis of depression." - Evolutionary Psychiatry



Simple salad: Apple, blackberries, walnuts and mixed field lettuce. 

Aromatic Beef Heart Skewers

"Our mission of random animal parts is far from over, but for today, we are sharing our recipe for beef heart. Bill and I really don't squirm at the idea of eating any certain part of an animal anymore, however, this recipe in particular was slightly difficult for us." - Primal Palate