Success Story: Child with remission of diabetes on the Paleo diet

On September 10, 2009, I took my six-year-old daughter to the pediatrician for what I thought was a urinary tract infection. She had been very thirsty and going to the bathroom excessively. Little did I know these were the symptoms of hyperglycemia. Her blood glucose was tested at 542 in the doctor’s office, and she spent two days in the hospital. During that time she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes…

We decided that all of us needed to clean up our diets. Since we worked out in a CrossFit gym, the diet that came to mind was the Paleo Diet.

What happened next was amazing! My daughters insulin needs plummeted. During the next week, we made numenours calls to the endocrinologist to adjust her dosage downward. After two weeks, she was completely off insulin…

A few months later

We now have a solid six months of total remission under our belts.

The Paleo Answer 


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