Video: "Food is Information"

In this YouTube video, Dhru Purohit, CEO of The Clean Program, cardiologist Dr. Alejandro Junger, and wellness coach John Rosania talk about a Big Idea: Food is Information. Here are a few excerpts:

Dr. Junger

When you put food into your mouth and is digested and absorbed into you body, it is broken down in little pieces and these pieces will go and join receptors in the cell that will tell the nucleus, the DNA, many things about your environment … the food will tell the cells if it is summer or winter, if there are certain minerals lacking which would mean that those fields are not appropriate for them to live in permanently, and many other things and also it will give you information of certain things that are threats to the body, for example carcinogens and things like that. So with that information, the cell will start activating and deactivating genes in order to adapt and survive….

Where does the body get the information to turn on certain genes .. or to turn off certain genes? … mostly from the nutrients.

Dhru Purohit

Most  doctors … will tell you a calorie is a calorie. … What we are saying is that calories are not necessarily just equal. Food has deeper information…

… your food is telling you body how to express itself, its telling your genes how to express itself, it is telling your gut what kind of environment to create inside of the body.

Dr. Junger

(Referring to plaque buildup in the cardiac arteries) The lifestyle we are carrying today, is a continuous insult, so the people that are getting continuous irritation in the artery, continue to get irritation, continue to get irritation …

(The solution) … “a big part of it, is what you eat and what you don’t.

John Rosania

Toxic tagalongs are … all those preservatives, conservatives, chemicals that are used to … keep processed foods stable ….

Why food is information interests me and why I think it is useful  … it makes me more excited about recognizing that food is the base ... the main foundation. (to health)