PaleoMD success story

I have a new patient that has always struggled with hypertriglyceridemia. When I first saw him, his fasting triglyceries were 315 (recommended is < 150) on 40 mg of Lipitor! We stopped the Lipitor and did an NMR (advanced lipoprotein analysis) and his tryglyceries were 710 and his LDL were all the more dangerous small, dense variety. This patient was not overweight and was fairly active, playing tennis 3-4 days a week. We discussed "Wheat Belly" and the Paleo lifestyle and the expected changes in his lipid profile: decreased Trig, increased HDL, and a change to large, fluffy LDL. Saw the patient back for health coach every two weeks, and after three months repeated his NMR lipid profile. Amazingly, his triglyceries were now 130!