Mainstream online media advocating the Paleo diet for oral health!?

Speaking with sharecare, Dr. Robin Miller remarked that processed sugars and flour have reduced the diversity of the bacteria in our mouths thus leading to cavity formation. When asked what she recommends, she answered:

“I think we need to go back to eating like our little cave men and women use to, and eat fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts and berries and organic meats.”

Well said except for the “little” part. Our ancestors from the late Paleolithic were taller & stronger than us:

"... a Spanish Explorer named Álver Núñez Cabeza de Vaca spent nine years (1528-1537) living with Native American tribes in the moderday southern United Sates and northerm Mexico. He described the indigenous people as tall and healthy: "[F]rom a distance they look like giants. They are quite handsome, very lean, very strong and light-footed."

via The Paleo Manifesto

“I saw one!” Welker gasped, still struggling to recover his breath. “He was naked, with long hair. Broad shoulders. Strong. He ran across the bridge. Disappeared into the woods.”

The Arrow People: Catching a glimpse of Paleolithic man