Fight this, Paleo


A small section of the soda isle. Straws easily accessible.

The Paleo/Primal movement has a vibrant online community led by advocates such as Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain, and John Durant. However, the physical world with its enormous quantities of processed and artificial foods is a different ballgame altogether and simply no contest.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at an outlet of America’s leading discount department stores. This particular store has a rectangular footprint similar to a soccer field, though is much larger. The grocery section includes rows and rows of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Just a small sliver of what was available is seen in the cellphone image above.

The battle for better nutrition is daunting, though the spirits are high.

Fortunately, I then stopped at a nearby Goodwill store to drop off some items. The parking lot was packed. While I waited in the drive-through drop-off area, a young man lifting a sofa with a small forklift bumped and tipped a particleboard dresser that spilled its top drawer on the pavement. The fractured drawer was a minor loss in view of the adjacent mass of furnishings and 40 or so large boxes overflowing with donations.

The wonderful message conveyed by the scene and the crowd I imagined to be inside was one of reuse, recycle and repurpose. Meeting needs at low cost.

We produce and use. Fortunately we also circulate.

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