Success Story: Tim Bauer Survives a Walk Around the Block


Tim weighed 440 pounds. He had sleep apnea and GERD and was borderline diabetic. His marriage was failing. He wondered if he would see his “two beautiful daughters grow up, graduate, have children of their own.” Food had taken over his life:

"Food was my release. It was my dearest friend. It never judged me or laughed at me, and it was there for everything. When I was happy, I'd celebrate with pizza. Sad? Drown it in nacho cheese. Worried? The crunch of Doritos can cure that. Stressed? That's nothing a pint or two of Ben & Jerry's couldn't cure. Angry? Take it out on a burrito."

Then, a remarkable thing happened: he survived a walk around the block. That was the first step that eventually led him to a Paleo diet and lifestyle. 

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