Australia’s Richard Di Natale: Transitioning from coal “an economic imperative”



Richard Di Natale, Australian Senator and leader of the Australian Greens caucus, recently announced plans to create RenewAustralia. The new agency is intended “to double Australia's energy efficiency and move the country towards 90 per cent renewable energy by 2030.” 

In addition, a $1 billion Clean Energy Transition Fund would be created “to assist coal workers and communities with the transition to clean energy.”

Speaking with Australia’s ABC, Di Natale emphasized the transition from coal is “an economic imperative”:

There is an economic imperative here in that if we don’t make the transition away from dirty, coal-fired power to clean, renewable power, we’re going to miss out on the jobs that come with that. We’re not going to be setting ourselves up as a nation for the huge economic opportunities that exist in making the transition.

People are going to be looking at coal in the same way as people look at the horse and cart when it comes to transport.