Casetabs: Transforming Case Communication in the Ambulatory Surgery Center

Anyone who has worked in an ambulatory surgery center knows the flow of information is crucial to success. Phone calls, faxes, and person-to-person conversations have traditionally been the tools of case coordination. But with so many people in the loop – including administrators, materials managers, clinical staff, device reps and physicians – the “flow” of information may be fragmented and lead to case delays or cancellations.

Digital healthcare company MedPassage recently announced the preliminary launch of case tabs, a digital health service that unifies case communication. Currently in use at seven ambulatory surgery centers nationwide, this desktop/mobile app network coordinates information flow among key personnel.

The key features of casetabs include:

  • Real-Time Case Updates
  • Support Requests Simplified
  • Helpful Alerts Minimize Errors
  • Easy to set up. Hard to mess up.

As reported on The Street, Gavin Fabian, CEO of casetabs notes:

The ‘telephone’ game just doesn’t belong in surgery centers,” “Our vision has been to build an app that would centralize case communication. Casetabs provides real-time, helpful updates to the case team, with the ultimate goal of saving time, reducing case delays, and improving job satisfaction.

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